Bubeshko Apts

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Shindler’s Bubeshko Apartments in Silverlake are rarely open to tours so it was very exciting to see them on this LA/AIA Modernist Contemporary tour. We were able to see two of the five units, part of this “Greek hillside” complex Shindler built for mother and daughter clients in the late 1930’s. They had all the wonderful qualities of the architecture of that era including multipurpose open plan, large expanses of glass bringing in natural light, cross ventilation and clerestory lighting, decorative use of cinder blocks, and amazing finish plywood details, to name a few. As I was there, I imagined that these buildings were once remotely located on a hill, and that the architectural ideas were original and (ground breaking) at the time, wow! One of the units we saw was 3 bedrooms and was renting for a whopping $3000/month, which tells you how much people are willing to pay for great design and the cache of Silverlake. I had never really explored Silverlake until this day when I took some time after the tour to drive around, and get coffee at a local café. It’s a beautiful, hilly place with dramatic views but so compact and dense with narrow, winding streets. There is some great modern architecture happening there!