Monograph Tour – Ehrlich

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

For years, I’d seen several of these homes published. And then, there I was, standing at the treed entrance to the iconic Schulman House in Brentwood. Built in the early 90’s and looking very much in that era, there were huge walls of over-scaled sliding glass doors, and corner glass at windows nodding to modernism. The Japanese influence was evident in the choices of materials and detailing, and especially with the horizontal mullions and translucent screens. No Corten Steel happening yet!

My favorite home of the day was the Carrillo Residence in Pacific Palisades, hands down. Sophisticated, simple in plan diagram, and peaceful even with people touring through it. One could look from the front gate of the property through a glass living room, all the way to the back to the infinity pool and canyon views. The use of buff colored limestone and ceramic tiles was consistent throughout. Huge walls of limestone, individual pieces staggered and irregular in size, worked as a well thought out pattern, wrapping around the walls from exterior to interior – and no grout!

Cameras were not allowed in any of the houses except Ehrlichs own home. The picture shown is looking from the back building towards the main house, where so many beautiful materials all meet gracefully – and of course there’s Corten Steel.

Ehrlich tour