Diane established her practice in 1992 with a specialty in custom residential design. Working with her clients on their private residence provides the opportunity to be involved in a process that is intrinsically personal, to give careful attention to every detail in a solution that is entirely unique.

The design of a private residence is a collaborative effort between client and architect. The process begins with discussions of budget, scope, building codes, site, program, aesthetics and environment, which then results in a concept. Art and technology come together throughout the design process as details are refined, alternatives are explored, problems are resolved, options and compromises are evaluated, and intent is clarified. Successful building design integrates an exploration of interiors (including scale, circulation, zones, furniture layouts, lighting, materials and color) and exteriors (including access, views, privacy, solar orientation, hardscape and landscape.) The choice of materials for both their aesthetics and technological contributions, as well as durability, renewability, texture and color, contributes to the successful expression of a detail. A concern for sustainability and the impact on our environment guides the process.

The resulting architecture is site responsive, spatially interesting, and precisely detailed. The building reflects a simple and effective design solution with a clear architectural vocabulary. Interior and exterior spaces merge, and the natural environment is an integral part of the design solution. Aesthetically beautiful spaces result in a timeless architecture.