Stahl House Experience

Monday, July 29th, 2013


Stahl1Visiting the Stahl house was a wonderful experience and a lasting memory. Not often open to the public, tours were offered as part of the exhibit about the mid-century growth of LA called “Overdrive, LA Constructs the Future” at the Getty Center. I found myself standing in the same space as the iconic photograph by Jules Shulman, with the two seated women looking out over the twinkling evening lights of LA in the 1960’s.

The house is small and L-shaped with all spaces facing the pool. “God is in the Details” here with materials coming together in simple and elegant ways. The tour was limited to 10 people and so we were all able to experience the house peacefully. Mark Stahl, who grew up in the house, was the host for the two hours I spent there, wandering through the rooms and enjoying the fantastic view of Los Angeles. I even got some swag – a Stahl house mug!