Chris and Dawn Fleischner, Westwood

When we were thinking of building a guesthouse at our property, a friend of ours in real estate told us to go look at a wonderful example that was part of a property for sale at that time. That was how we found Diane and eventually hired her to design our guesthouse, as well as a to remodel and expand our main house. Diane’s design took our goals and made them into a satisfying reality. The new spaces are efficient, functional, not too large, and beautiful. We were able to squeeze in all the spaces we wanted around the existing kitchen, and we love the aesthetics of the breakfast room.

Diane was able to move the garage to the front of the house using an exception to the restrictive setback codes, which made our entire project possible and hugely impacted the functionality of that part of the house. The complexity of our project was great and Diane handled all of it with utter calm and professionalism. I always felt that she was a strong advocate for our goals whenever dealing with the contractor, engineers, and city. Having her perform that role plus creating the design was equally important and valuable. We would use Diane’s services again if needed and refer her whenever possible to our friends.

Mark and Valerie Kiefer, Culver City

We spent years trying to decide if we should move or remodel, and finally we realized that the best approach would be to hire the right architect to maximize the potential of our property. Diane’s training, skill and talent accomplished just that, with an amazing design that could be implemented within our modest budget. She thought of a design that we never, ever would have or could have. I can still remember thinking to myself when she showed us some initial plans “how did she come up with this???” because I could not have imagined the solution.

The challenge was to capture all the floor area that the Culver City building department would allow us, without using up our beautiful backyard space. Adding a little bit here and there, at several sides of the house, made all the difference in being able to completely rearrange the interior spaces, solve some problems, and get in everything that we wanted. The fact that each family member ended up with their own defined alcove desk space (well, the kids have to share but it is big!) is one of the best functional accomplishments in the plan. I remember when Diane did a site visit just at the right moment early in the framing phase, ensuring the correct framing of the main room’s high ceilings so that the house ended up with its intended spacious feel. It was a completely different house when we were done and we got a huge return on our investment. We still love the house and the use of space.

Michael and Sherryl Mencacci, West Los Angeles

Diane was our Architect for two separate phases of work to our property. The first phase was the remodeling of the lower floor of our main house, completely reworking the spaces and adding a bedroom. Then, six years later, the second phase was designing the entire backyard to include an accessory building with garage, office and pool bath, an outdoor kitchen, and pool and deck spaces. Diane’s designs maximized the useable space and responded perfectly to the integrity of the original 1927 house. She was able to get all the program spaces we wanted in our lower floor for the first project, and then was equally skilled at the allocation of spaces in our very small backyard in the second project. We collaborated well – if we had an idea, Diane would figure how it was going to get done or suggest a way to do it better. The final solutions were very successful; we couldn’t have chosen a better Architect for the jobs.

Helen Starlight, Beverly Hills

When we hired Diane to remodel our existing house and add a second story master suite, we could not have anticipated the complete transformation that resulted. The house turned out to be a jewel. It was clear that my design input was an essential part of Diane’s process, and the house was so much fun to design. Her knowledge and sense of design took me into fabulous nooks and crannies of local shops for pulls, plumbing fixtures, and fireplace ideas.

Never having done a remodel myself, I was enchanted by her world of design and her use of space. At first, we did not include the remodeling of the kitchen in the scope of construction, but when it was clear that Diane had a vision of improving the entire planning and quality of the house, we knew that we had to bring the kitchen into the vision. She was so successful at working within the codes of the City of Beverly Hills, and was able do design a beautiful and well-planned master suite within the very restrictive square footage requirements of our lot. Diane encouraged an upgrade in material to real slate for the deeply pitched, dramatic roofs, a last minute decision which hugely affected the curb appeal and was in hindsight a great use of funds.

Steven Weinraub and Shirley Lipner, Santa Monica

Diane designed an office space in the backyard of our home in Santa Monica, which is separated from the main house. We hired her to design this space that had to be warm and beautiful so that we would truly enjoy coming to work each day. Diane listened to us and designed an office that captured our vision of a “writer’s office” or a “psychologist’s office” completely. We knew it had to have angles and curves and not just square walls & ceilings. It had to have windows that looked out over the garden and have the right compromise between the size of the building and the open space of the backyard.

We weren’t sure what our vision would look like but we knew we’d be able to recognize it & know it if someone special designed it. Well, Diane IS that special architect and she got it just right. When our clients see us in this office space, they always say, “Who designed this, it is so beautiful!” As a matter of fact, a reality show was recently filmed there which airs in Sweden, and the producers chose to film in this office space because they loved the way the French doors open into the garden…all of which was Diane’s creation.